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    Meng Qing stressed that the project is the lifeline to promote high-quality development and create "one strong and three famous". At present, it is the "golden period" of project construction. Departments at all levels should firmly establish the concept of "project is king", deeply carry out the "project breakthrough year" activities, focus on the project, and continue to set off a new upsurge of large-scale projects. We should strengthen the awareness of efficiency and competition, spare no effort to speed up the construction progress, and ensure the early construction, early completion and early effect of the project. We should strengthen the sense of service, deepen the mechanism of "recruitment, promotion and service", "five ones" and "elements follow the project", and solidly carry out the activity of "business environment breakthrough year". All relevant departments should step forward, actively serve and rely on services, earnestly solve problems and do practical things for enterprises, and be "shop assistants" serving enterprises well. It is necessary to give full play to the main role of enterprises in attracting investment, vigorously carry out business and industrial chain investment, continue to supplement, extend and strengthen the chain, and expand the industrial cluster. It is necessary to strengthen the red line awareness, establish a firm bottom line thinking, pay close attention to work safety, energy conservation and emission reduction, carry out in-depth investigation and rectification of work safety, strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprises, and strictly prevent all kinds of accidents. It is necessary to accelerate the improvement of the park's infrastructure, strengthen the construction of intelligent platform, select the best and strengthen the professional team, continuously improve the intelligent and closed operation management level and emergency response capacity of Haiyou Chemical Industrial Park, promote the development of industrial intensive cluster, and inject strong power into the comprehensive construction of "one strong and three famous"

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    400-0633-085       19806333196      19963367671

    Company Address:No.388 Shanhai Road,Rizhao

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